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Sensational Shishas at Crossroads Lounge & Terrace, Raffles Dubai

Sunday, September 01, 2013

raffles Dubai Crossroad2

With one of the most comprehensive Shisha selections in the city, Crossroads has become renowned for its wide and innovative flavours sure to provide an unforgettable Shisha experience and the ultimate relaxation after a day’s work.

For an extra twist, our Shisha sommelier has come up with an extensive combination of fruity flavours and unique tastes mixed with infused tobacco prepared to your liking to enhance the flavor of any of the traditional Shisha offerings.

With the enchanting terrace, complete with pagoda, relaxing armchairs overlooking the Raffles Botanical Gardens, Crossroads Lounge & Terrace is the perfect setting for shisha lovers to sit back and relax, while enjoying a wide range of flavorful water pipes and spirited cocktails.

To make your reservation, call +971 4 324 8888 or email dining.dubai@raffles.com


With its Balinese-inspired décor, the exotic Crossroads Lounge & Terrace serves the renowned Singapore Sling, which originated at the legendary Raffles Hotel in Singapore, and adds a modern twist to an extensive list of award-winning cocktails, including Raffles Dubai’s very own signature drink the Dubai Sling.

Inside or outside, sit back and relax at Crossroads Lounge & Terrace while enjoying zesty drinks and take advantage of the ideal weather and picturesque location.

The outside patio, complete with a small pagoda and informal setting of cosy armchairs, overlooks the lush Raffles Botanical Garden and offers the ideal surroundings to chill out for post work drinks and Shishas, within the lush surroundings of a tropical setting.

Further information, please contact:
Gehan Sidky
Public Relations Manager
Raffles Dubai
Адрес электронной почты: gehan.sidky@raffles.com

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